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Battle Power

Battle Power is a representation of your power, might and prowess on the battlefield. It is a single number that sums up your various character's skills and abilities, and determines their overall power. Monsters and NPCs don't have Battle Power, only player characters. The more Battle Power you have, the higher is your damage, each 1% Battle Power gives you +1% more damage.

Calculating Battle Power — The Battle Power total is based on below factors:

  1. Character level: each 100 level = 1 Battle Power.
  2. Item Quality: Normal = 1, Don = 2
  3. Nobility Rank: There are 6 levels of Nobility. Each has a different donation requirement, and adds Battle Power to your total.

Sharing Battle Power

The Shared Battle Power system enables clan members to share a percentage of the difference they have in Battle Power. This percentage is determined based on the clan level.

How does the Battle Power sharing work?

The system automatically detects the highest Battle Power clan member in your screen area and shares a percentage of the difference between your Battle Power and his/her. This percentage is determined based on your clan level. Level up your clan to share more Battle Power in action moments!

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