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Shadow Fight

329 kills

HardCore TEam

227 kills

- Game Over -

166 kills

Redd Apple

133 kills
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17 Apr 2015 -
GWE event has just started, get your guild ready and its...
GWE event has just started, get your guild ready and its time to have some war!
17 Apr 2015 -
New small update is almost done for Hellsway. Further info...
New small update is almost done for Hellsway. Further info will be posted soon.
15 Apr 2015 -
If you are unable to login into your account, please note...
If you are unable to login into your account, please note that the account name you registered is no longer valid and you have to assign a new one to your account, simply enter your password and character name and you will be allowed to assign a new Account Name for your account through the following url:
14 Apr 2015 -
In less than 24 hours we are starting guys. Are you ready?!
In less than 24 hours we are starting guys. Are you ready?!
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18.04.15 08:51:36 - Ruthorham Quest and Iceforst!

Hey Guys,

We have added a new quest to the game, the Ruthorham Quest. In this quest you will go into different challenge phases versus the mighty monsters. The quest teleport is located at Ruthorham temple.

Reward: Gain special access to the newly added island Iceforst. The teleport is located at Thais ship.

Start making the quest and post down below if you have succesfully completed it!

Happy Questing and more to come soon.
Hellsway Staff.
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15.04.15 13:49:15 - Account Name Changes & Loyalty Rewards
Greetings Hellsway Fellow,

We have noticed that some of the registered accounts are not able to login on the website, this is due to a tehcnial issue with the account name, however, we have made you a quick and simple Recover Account Name form. Hint: Try to create a new account name that is similar to a previous one you had on a recently played edition of Hellsway (this enhances your chance to win in the loyalty program).

Its time to redeem your loyalty reward! If you have played on a previous edition of Hellsway, you can know login into your account and click on the "Loyalty Program!" button at the top of your account management. Please note that the detection is based on your current account name, so if you believe that you have played on previous edition of Hellsway and your account was not counted at the loyalty program, then make sure that you are using the same account name you used at any of the previous editions.

We looking forward to see you in the game in a few hours.

Kind Regards,
Hellsway Staff.
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06.04.15 17:10:38 - Hellsway 2015 edition - 15th of April - NEW Era!


The Official Server START will take place on 15th of April 2015 16:00 CET.

Greetings Hellsway fellows and welcome back!

If you have never played Hellsway before, please click here for general server info.

We are inviting you to join the Hellsway 2nd edition in 2015 one of the best real map 8.6 servers all over the world, Hellsway is a very unique mix up realmap, as it has all of the real Tibia features and quests such such as WOE - POI - Children or Revolution - Zao with it's npc's and quests in addition of Custom features such as Bosses, VIP island, and many Custom Quests.

Premium Points:

- Level 150 you receive - 20 Premium Points.
- Level 200 you receive - 30 Premium Points.
- Level 250 you receive - 35 Premium Points.
- Level 300 you receive - 50 Premium Points.

Exp Stages


Click to connect to Hellsway server

Loyalty Rewards

Hellsway is not a brand newly starting server, and we know that there are followers for the server who are really supportive and finding their fun at this place. Therefore, if you are a loyal player to Hellsway and this is not the very first time for you to play on it, you will have an opportunity to receive a bonus reward to help you get started once the game has started. The authentication will be very simple and done through a form you will have access to in a few days from now, most likely you will need to submit your character name and email address you used to play with on any previous edition of Hellsway. The form will be up a few days before the server start, so stay tuned and get ready!

With this upcoming Summer season, nothing would be more fun than having a long night of battle against some enemies! Its the Hellsway time, we are waiting for you! Make sure to invite your friends and guild mates to be prepared at the starting day of the server.

Share our Facebook Starting Link to have an opportunity to receive a Donation Item Code

See you in the game,
Hellsway Team.
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