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1 Apr 2016 -
We have applied a restriction on maximum number of guild...
We have applied a restriction on maximum number of guild members to 30 member per guild to avoid mass guild invitations during today's GWE. This restriction might be removed with the upcoming new GWE event (a completely new competitive event for guilds) we expect to release the new event starting from next week GWE.
27 Mar 2016 -
We are organizing an open battle series, please help us to...
We are organizing an open battle series, please help us to choose the city which will host the first round of our open battle series. The poll will last for 5 days from today.
25 Mar 2016 -
Have an idea or opinion related to the current GWE?. We...
Have an idea or opinion related to the current GWE?. We would like to hear your suggestions to our main competitive event at the following thread
25 Mar 2016 -
We are working on resolving the lag issue. Thanks for...
We are working on resolving the lag issue. Thanks for bearing with us.
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22.04.16 20:34:33 - Bug Fixes and Paralyze Changes

Greetings Hellsway Fellows,

Today, there’s lot of other changes in this update, but this one goes out to all you Anti-Paralyzers out there.

Rather than being slowed for an amount of time knowning that you cannot escape from it, we thought we'd shop around for some better idea on how to rework it without making it a complete useless against anti-paralyzers. So, let's get more into details about how it works. Paralyze now will slow the target's movement speed for a period of 10 seconds, healing/haste spells will be castable normally but will not remove the paralyze's effect if it was just issued. Also, a green effect has been added onto the casters' to whose casted the paralyze.

Updates and Bug Fixes:

  • Added Dream's Challenger Quest.
  • Added NPC Eremo at Cormaya.
  • Added Vial of Water to NPC Sandra's shoplist
  • Reconfigured Raids to work properly according to the website's dates.
  • Reworked the paralyze rune.
  • Paralyze mana cost has been increased to 3400 instead of 3000.
  • Added Revana city to Captain Fearless speech so you know that it actually exists.
  • Rashid now will buy Composite Hornbow for 25k.
  • Latrivan now will sense invisibility.
  • Added farmine to carpet(s).
  • Fixed an issue with npcs that prevented them from buying stack'd items.
  • Fixed some Zoa teleports that weren't teleporting to the correct positions.

See you in the game!
Hellsway Team.
Posted by Admin

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07.04.16 17:53:48 - Join the new Guild War Event - Union your guild!

Greetings Hellsway Fellows,

Today we would like to introduce to you the new guild war event we have been discussing on forums. The new event enhances on guilds vs guilds direct competition other than a competition on Nexus killing. We focused on creating a wider pool of playground to guilds, and make it important for guild leaders to wisely pick up their guilds members and not to just bring as many as possible, since every member's mistake decreases the possibility of winning the GWE. So, let's dive into the new event details!


The New GWE event is a competitive battle running between initially two different guilds and can host up to four different guilds (may increase in the future), you need to setup your guild and wisely choose your guild members since once your guild have joined the event a Death Points score is associated with it. Each guild will assigned a total of 60 death points, for each guild member death your guild losses 1 death point, once your guild have lost all its death points, your guild will be kicked out of the event. The guild which lasts during the event by maintaining its death point score in addition to decreasing other guilds score by killing their guild members, simply wins a Ferrari! Of course not, we hope we could reward you with that though. Whether you are a guild leader or vice leader, you have to make sure that your guild members selection is wise and completes the elements of a powerful guild as every mistake comes out from one of your guild members reduces your chance of winning the event. The event takes place every Friday at 20:00 CEST.

Joining the Battle:

In order to join the GWE event, you need to be enrolled into a guild (no matter what your guild rank is - member, leader, etc.), and you need to move on with at least 15 members of your guild into the waiting room of the GWE event. Waiting Room is always opened before the GWE event starts with 10 minutes (teleport at Events room), and this is the meeting point of all different participators. Please note that the minimum required amount of players is 15 member per guild to have a chance to join the event. In case more than four guilds have joined the event and all of them satisfy the enrollment conditions, the four guilds with the highest average level will be chosen.


The GWE is mainly about a running battle between 2-4 competitive guilds, initially, each guild joins the event with a fixed number of allowed deaths (60 at this time), the explicit objective is defeating the other guild members by killing them, making them lose their available death slots. Once a guild had lost its deaths, it will be kicked out of the GWE and the remaining guilds will continue into the battle of field until the last standing guild. Wait! its not that simple to win, there are two other mid-term objectives into the event:

Dragon Slayer: Defeating the Dragon Slayer gives +10x deaths to your guild.

The Dragon Slayer is an important factor into controlling your winning opportunity at the GWE event as it gives your guild bonus deaths, therefore, you have a better chance to survive into the battle for a longer time and recover from the mistakes done by any of your guild members. Make sure that its well secured and try to grant its reward as it can be a changing point.

Location: North West of the map.

Orshabaal Slayer: Defeating the Orshabaal Slayer gives bonus damage to each member of your guild that lasts for a few minutes.

The Orshabaal Slayer gives bonus damage to each member of your guild, its convenient to have a chance of dealing of enhancing all of your guild members damage.
Location: South East of the map.


  1. Your guild will not be able to compete during event once lost all its Death Points.

  2. Your guild will not be able to deal damage any of your guild members, your AOE (area of damage) spells does not hurt them.

  3. Enjoy the battle, and wisely choose your guild members!


50 Premium Points to each member in the winning guild.
Unique Winners Cup that with description of your guild name and the date you won the event. The item will not be looted in game.

Event Time:

The New GWE will take place on every Friday at 20:00 CEST; yes, that's the same date and time we always had for the GWE on Hellsway.

Event Testing:

While we have done our unit testing during the development of this event, we still believe that we will need your hand guys into running a complete live test for the event to make sure that everything works fine, and correctly as it should. Therefore, this week event (tomorrow's one) will be treated as both public and live test for the event. We expect you to join the event normally with your guild and play it nicely, we will be monitoring the event from back stage and make sure that everything is okay, you can also contact us if you have found any bugs through the CTRL+R window. In case the event had major bugs that destroyed the core gameplay of the event, we will have to cancel the event this week and postpone it to a later date in the week, however, each participated member will be rewarded with 15 premium points for helping us to test the event. If everything went okay, you will normally find your guild however rewarded with the 50 premium points reward and the unique cub mentioned above.

We looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at the new GWE. We also have few updates coming out once we stabilize on this event.
Hellsway Team.
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27.03.16 19:37:40 - Featuring Week of Action on

Hey Legendary Tibians!

Please allow us to spotlight few action videos that were brought up by the community during Hellsway's first week; we call it "Week of Action".

Featuring Guild Maniaks, video created by player Haysend

Featuring Guild Fullmakt, video created by player Donson

Featuring Guild Latin Combo, video created by player Janzki Thy Charlover

Featuring Guild Dark Destiny, video created by player Mr Ghazbaran

We would like to thank all the players for their particiaption to make those unforgotten moments of actions on also the video editors. Each video editor have received 300 Premium Points reward plus Epaminondas Doll.

We are hosting a series of Open Battles in various Tibia cities, please make sure to Vote for open battle city to host the 1st round.

See you in the game!
Hellsway Team.
Posted by Admin

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