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25 Jul 2015 -
Prepare your guilds for an extremely custom War Event that...
Prepare your guilds for an extremely custom War Event that will be manually held and prepared by the Hellsway Team. Further information about the event description and start date will be posted on the news soon!
24 Jul 2015 -
Today's GWE reward is +10 bonus premium points in...
Today's GWE reward is +10 bonus premium points in comparison with previous week event, also the Nexsus health is 30% higher, make sure to participate today at 20:00 CEST!
22 Jul 2015 -
The Wayfarer outfit has been added to the addon doll. You...
The Wayfarer outfit has been added to the addon doll. You may now activate it by having an addon doll and type !addon wayfarer
20 Jul 2015 -
Gamserver is back up and running. Thanks for bearing with...
Gamserver is back up and running. Thanks for bearing with us.
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26.07.15 16:32:22 - Join the Upcoming Open Battle in Venore!

While battles are all along the way taking place on Hellsway Lands. We would like to invite you to participate with your guild into one special Open Battle in Venore event. The event will be manually held by the Hellsway Team and totally organized by us on Saturday 1st of August at 18:00 CEST.

Q:How do i sign up for the event?
A: The enrollment into this event is only made by guilds with more than 10 members who are levels 300+. The guild leader / vice leader who wishes to sing up his guild has to visit the Open Battle in Venore Registration Thread and post there that his guild is joining the event.

Q: Where the Open Battle in Venore will take place?
A: From its name, it will take place in Venore. We will either use the original Venore we have currently in the game and lock it down on the event day, or we will make a small clone out of it to host the battle for us. In both cases, the war will be held in Venore's map.

Q: When will the Open Battle in Venore take place?
A: It will be held on 1st of August (next Saturday) at 18:00 CEST.

Q: What is the reward?
Each member of the winning guild will receive
  • +10 VIP Days.
  • Special Doll / Token that cannot be obtainable in game.
  • 20% Bonus Exp for one week.

See you in the battleground!
Hellsway Team.
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23.07.15 00:01:47 - Secure your Account and get 15% Bonus Experience!
Hey Guys,

We have been recently informed that some of our players accounts are getting hacked due to using the same account information in other OTS. Some of these OTS are not even online any longer, but their databases still exists and some people do have access to them, so they might have a record about your account information (if you are using the same account and password combination in most of the OTS you play). Nevertheless, In order to secure our players accounts we are kindly asking you to Choose a New Password for your account.

Additionally, you get 15% Bonus Exp for changing your password using this One Time Change Password Webpage we made. Using the normal Change Password page at your Account Management will not grant the reward for you, so make sure to use the one linked above.

Secure your account today before its too late!
Hellsway Team.

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22.07.15 03:16:45 - [War Video] By Player [General Zod]
Another War Video brought to you by General Zod

Are you talented at video editing and have something to share with us? Go ahead and record something from the active wars on and share it with us on forums, you might be even rewarded for high quality made videos!

This video is brought to you by player General Zod. Enjoy it!

Player received reward for good quality made video.

Posted by Admin

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