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21 Mar 2014 -
Anti bot system has been temporarily disabled, you might be...
Anti bot system has been temporarily disabled, you might be still questioned but if you did not answer your character will not die. We are currently maintain the system and it will back to work shortly.
16 Feb 2014 -
The crash issue has been resolved, server automatically...
The crash issue has been resolved, server automatically save every 4-5 minutes for the next 48 hours.
16 Feb 2014 -
We are still working on resolving the last occurred crash,...
We are still working on resolving the last occurred crash, server will be online in a while.
15 Feb 2014 -
We have resolved an issue with the donation castles owners...
We have resolved an issue with the donation castles owners where some owners received wrong castles and others didn't, however this has been completely resolved by now and you will find your castle remain with it's original ID it had before the update. We apology about the inconveniences that might be caused from our side.
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28.02.14 14:47:00 - For a better server & Free Premium Points
Greeting's everyone,

It's been clear that during the last couple of weeks and the server daily active players has negatively reduced, therefore and in interest of keeping Hellsway active with it's known and unique players and battles, we are inviting you to build with us a better server by inviting your guild mates and friends back to Hellsway once again, and for doing this we will redeem free 25 Premium points to the whole server once again after reaching 150 Online Players. Our main aim is to make this server back to it's bloody mood once again and this will not happen without your support, so let's do this again !

Kind Regards,
Hellsway Staff.
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25.02.14 19:38:08 - New Video by [Never Dead]
Have a nice watch and thanks to the video creator.

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14.02.14 17:09:00 - Server Major Update - New Features !

Greetings Hellsway-OTS Players !

t's time fellows, the Hellway major update is done and there it goes to the lands of reality !

So, what did we change? what is the new on Hellsway-OTS?

New Quests and Features:(we have added tons of quests but those are the main only)
  • Wrath of the Emperor (starts at mission 6).
  • Unnatural Selection Quest.
  • Children of the Revolution Quest (you need this quest to start Wrath).
  • Tomes of Knowledge Quest.
  • Added A Father's Burden Quest.
  • Added Zao and Razachai.
  • Updated the new VIP Area.
  • Updated donation castles with new design to make it look way more awesome.
  • Added many monsters loot and corpses e.g (drakens, lizards etc.)
  • Added many missing NPCS e.g (Zalamon, Ulala, Lazaran, Sleeping dragon, Awareness of the emperor, Zizzle, Izsh).
  • NPC Esrik buys Zaoan Items (after you give 9 Tomes to NPC Cael).
  • Added monster "Fury Of The Emperor".
  • Added monster "Wrath Of The Emperor".
  • Added monster "Scorn Of The Emperor".
  • Added monster "Spite Of The Emperor".
  • Added monster "Snake God Essence".
  • Added monster "Snake Thing".
  • Added monster "Lizard Abomination".
  • Added monster "Mutated Zalamon".
  • Now "Galuna NPC" will be selling spears
  • Added NPC Lailene..
  • Added NPC Frans.
  • Added NPC Digger.
  • Added NPC Chatterbone.
  • Added Simon the beggar's favorite staff reward quest.
  • Added NPC Smiley.
  • Added task counts.
  • Added zao widow cave.
  • Added Svarground missing npcs.
  • Added Edron missing npcs.
  • Added The Spirit Will Get You Quest.
  • Added missing areas to Banuta.
  • Added Baunta shortcut.
  • Added Capture the Flag event.
  • Revemapped Thais city.

Bug Fixes and Changes:
  • Fixed Elf Arcanist Loots.
  • Fixed all Cormaya houses.
  • Now "Galuna NPC" will be selling spears.
  • Adjusted Syndra NPC as real tibia (Edron Shop).
  • Adjusted both Eryn / Xodet to sell wand of inferno and fixed magic wall shop count issue.
  • Reduced assassin's star break chance.
  • Frodo NPC is now selling brown mushrooms.
  • Fixed Yaman NPC.
  • Fixed NPC gorn.
  • Adjusted the last mission at Children of Revolution quest.
  • Adjusted Paralyze rune.
  • Replaced Rashid with soya at thais, rashid still exist in edron above depot.
  • Fixed Magician Hat.
  • Adjusted Xodet selling prices.
  • Adjusted soul fire rune to be typically as real tibia one's.
  • Adjusted yalahari quest to prevent people from doing the quest without killing the monsters.

Certainly there still left other made features and fixes that we didn't write down, but you shall notice them during your game-play, in Hellsway we struggle to improve our server over the time and we hope that you enjoy this update. For any bug reports please post it into this Bug report Thread, for any critical bugs that you can't announce about to avoid the abuse, please send us an email directly

Kind Regards,
Hellsway Team.
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