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18 Aug 2016 -
Dear Hellsway Community, after we are done from technical...
Dear Hellsway Community, after we are done from technical challenges and massive DDoS attacks we had against Hellsway, we do have plans to restart Summer 2016 edition again as soon as possible. More info will be posted on the news soon. All of your donations which were done during this edition will remain with you once we restart. Stay tuned!
8 Aug 2016 -
New DDoS Protected infrastructure has been assigned to...
New DDoS Protected infrastructure has been assigned to We expect to survive all the incoming attacks with no further lag spikes.
3 Aug 2016 -
We have successfully moved Hellsway to our new host. The...
We have successfully moved Hellsway to our new host. The current provider is more reliable and we expect no further lags. Thanks for bearing with us.
3 Aug 2016 -
Our host provider have resolved the lag spikes issue by...
Our host provider have resolved the lag spikes issue by now, thanks for bearing with us. We are working on new in game content, more info will be posted and discussion might be held on forums, stay tuned!
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29.08.16 00:09:47 - Summer 2016 edition (restart)
Greetings Legendary Hellsway Players,

After the unfortunate series of events we had during the first week of (2nd of August to 9th) Summer 2016 edition devastation of network at our host provider data center, followed by massive DDoS Attacks; we were obliged to pause the edition until we are done from resolving those issues. Right now, we have contracted with two new host providers before we pull the trigger to continue the Summer 2016 edition, by now we are ready to do so. In order to ensure the fairness and quality of your gaming experience on below changes have are done:

Please note that this is a "continue" after a "pause" to the same Summer 2016 edition, which means that this is not a RESET or a start of a new edition.

  • All registered accounts and players still exists with the same login credentials.
  • All Premium Points which have been earned through shop purchases (payments) are refunded to their account owners (you still have the points you purchased).
  • All players skills (level, magic level, houses, etc) have been restarted.


Summer 2016 edition Restart Starting 2nd of September 18:00 CEST.

See you in Lands, Team.

Posted by Admin

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05.08.16 14:12:06 - Free VIP Access & Endless Stamina

Greetings Hellsway Legends,

After both the networking troubles and recent bug abuse occurred during the past 48 hours, we are glad to let you know that we have resolved all the issues by now and its time for the compensation.

First off, in order to ensure that all the troubles players faced due to the lags and downtime, we have rolled back the gameserver to state of 5th of August 5:00 AM.

We also opening the gates for below stuff:
  • 48 hours of free access to VIP Area to all server players.
  • Endless stamina for 48 hours (your stamina will not decrease upon the time you spend hunting).
  • 48 hours of 25% bonus experience.

Thanks for bearing with us during the down we had, also stay tuned for the upcoming update!
Hellsway Staff.
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04.08.16 14:42:44 - Downtime due to server's migration to new host
Dear Hellsway Fellow,

We would like to inform you that after the network devastation occurred at our 2nd host provider and in order for us to ensure both game stability and reliability, we are taking off the server for a while today while migrating with it to a 3rd provider. We expect this provider to be more reliable and able to take our gaming quality for granted than the previous ones.

We also would like to keep you updated that we are simultaneously working on update (new content) that will be released into the game once we are done from the technical aspect.

Update 4th of August 16:35 We have successfully migrated to a third provider, currently we are monitoring the new provider's network to ensure stability and consistency of the gameserver. Once the situation is stable, we will release compensation for all the server's players.

Thanks for your loyalty and bearing with us.
Together one strong community in all ups and downs of Hellsway!

Hellsway Staff.
Posted by Admin

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