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16 Aug 2015 -
The Edron's Open Battle bonus exp reward has been activated...
The Edron's Open Battle bonus exp reward has been activated to the Mighty Ducks members (only those who took reward after the event).
15 Aug 2015 -
Congratulations to guild Mighty Ducks for winning the...
Congratulations to guild Mighty Ducks for winning the Edron's Open Battle. The bonus exp will be activated to their guild after next server restart, also the special item they received description will be updated to their guild name.
15 Aug 2015 -
We are staring the Edron Open Battle in less than an hour....
We are staring the Edron Open Battle in less than an hour. Be Prepared in Edron's ship with your guild if you with to participate.
14 Aug 2015 -
Edron's Open Battle event is going to take place tomorrow...
Edron's Open Battle event is going to take place tomorrow at 18:00 CEST. Make sure to be online on that time and we will get in touch with the guild leaders in game.
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01.09.15 15:46:34 - Special Rewards for the Revolution 1st day players!
We would like to announce the below special rewards for all the players who will login and achieve level equal or higher than 200 during the first day of Revolution World.

  • 50% Bonus Exp for 48 hours.
  • Revolution 1st Day Cup (unique item).

Last but not least, we are currently running a special shop promotion for all players who have made at least one payment through PayPal on their account. 25% Bonus Premium Points on all the purchases they make on Revolution. Please note that this is a limited time offer.

See you on Revolution World!
Hellsway Team.
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21.08.15 18:18:30 - Revolution World Start 1st of September

Updates Updates Updates! Greetings Hellsway Fellows,

The return of Old Hellsway had a great impact on the server's community, the battles are back in active again and the challenges are not stopping. We stopped for a moment and there is a question raising itself. Why don't we take the gameplay a step further this time, maybe to a second level of challenges we haven't seen before? Hellsway have always been about competitive gameplay, guild battles, and even random PK in the city. We have been supporting this kind of gameplay as much as we can through adding competitive content starting from the design of Hunting Spots, Events Objectives and the recently manual Open Battle Events we have been hosting. Well, we want Hellsway to become so much more than this. And It will be with your support and Legendary gameplay. During the past 7 weeks of Hellsway we have seen so much active wars and creative plays being founded by you guys, we have not to forget the creative War Videos the community members have brought up to all of us to enjoy and watch what is really going in

Today we are opening the gates to welcome another world of Hellsway. We named it the Revolution World, but wait a second why are we starting another world while we already have an active one? The answer is simply the expansion, we know that Hellsway is a server that can welcome hundreds of players and host more than just one world. Our main goal is to establish a connection between Hellsway and Revolution worlds once the time has come to this. Establishing a connection means battles, quests, and even world's hunting being held between two worlds and reach a new level of gameplay that we haven't experienced before in neither Hellsway or any other server in world. We hope that you are interested as much as we are into reaching this new level of connected gameplay by support Revolution World to grow up as fast as possible so we can start the pre-planned exclusive content for both worlds.

We are officially inviting you to join the - Hellsway World #2 on the 1st of September 2015.

Unique Features at

  • Cast System.
  • Event Tokens (items that can be used to earn premium points, obtained through events).
  • Slightly higher exp stage after level 600 than Hellsway. Final exp stage is 2x instead of 0.5.
  • Weekly TeamBattle Event.
  • Daily Zombie Event.
  • New Revolution Set Quest.
  • New Spell for each vocation upon reaching level 750.
  • Sorcerer's UE spells are slightly buffed more than druid's to make it reasonable to play as a Sorcerer and sacrifice all of the druids protective spells.

Special Offer: Earn the best helmet in the game (Revolution Helmet) in both worlds Hellsway and Revolution if you have a character on both worlds that is higher than level 500. We have built a special web page that can handle the process of reward redemption to your characters on both worlds that will be released in the next few days.


Q: Will there be account transfer feature between the two worlds?
A: Yes, as the main objective of having a second world is establishing a new kind of connection between the two worlds players and creating a new level of gameplay.

Q: When will you enable world transfer features?
A: We cannot estimate a date right now, but of course we will be able to schedule the feature release date after watching the reaction to the start of

Q: How can I redeem the Revolution Helmet in Hellsway?
A: You can simply do this by having an account with at least on character higher than level 500 on both worlds Hellsaway & Revolution.

Q: When will start?
A: The official start will be on the 1st of September 2015 at 16:00 CEST.

We are looking forward to seeing you on along with

See you in the game! Team
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09.08.15 16:46:21 - [War Event] Open Battle in Edron

While battles are all along the way taking place on Hellsway Lands. We would like to invite you to participate with your guild into one special Open Battle in Edron event. The event will be manually held by the Hellsway Team and totally organized by us on Saturday 15th of August at 18:00 CEST.

Q:How do i sign up for the event?
A: The enrolment into this event is only made by guilds with more than 10 members who are levels 300+. The guild leader / vice leader who wishes to sing up his guild has to visit the Open Battle in Edron Registration Thread and post there that his guild is joining the event.

Q: Where the Open Battle in Edron will take place?
A: From its name, it will take place in Edron. We will either use the original Edron we have currently in the game and lock it down on the event day, or we will make a small clone out of it to host the battle for us. In both cases, the war will be held in Edron's map.

Q: When will the Open Battle in Edron take place?
A: It will be held on 15th of August (next Saturday) at 18:00 CEST.

Q: What is the reward?
Each member of the winning guild will receive
  • +10 VIP Days.
  • Special Doll / Token that cannot be obtained in game.
  • 20% Bonus Exp for one week.

See you in the battleground!
Hellsway Team.
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