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Alliance of Heroes

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20 Feb 2015 -
The GWE will not run this week to give the opportunity for...
The GWE will not run this week to give the opportunity for all the players to adapt with the newly made changes, next Friday the event will take a place normally. Also, last week's winners will no longer have the bonus exp effect until they compete and win in another GWE.
13 Feb 2015 -
We apology to those who got stuck into the GWE event today...
We apology to those who got stuck into the GWE event today and would like to inform you that we are working on patching the event, it will be fixed and tested within the next 24 hours. We will also announce the date it will take place on for the second time this week instead of the last failed one on Friday. Once again we apology about the inconveniences caused.
10 Feb 2015 -
Zombie Event has been successfully implemented to the...
Zombie Event has been successfully implemented to the server by now, it will start running daily starting from today 17:00 CET. Good Luck!
9 Feb 2015 -
We apology about the downtime during the last hour, we had...
We apology about the downtime during the last hour, we had an issue with the game engine and it has been patched. Your character states and everything were saved and not affected by this intervention.
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20.02.15 18:26:34 - Hellsway Updated [Higher Exp - Skull System]
Hey Everyone,

As you have noticed that everyone suddenly got almost double the level he had for the past three weeks, whether or not it was a legit level advance, we have really noticed that most of the players were not bothered of the "High Ratio" they suddenly became within, the only destructive thing was the feeling that these other players have received an advantage for no cost (no effort to level up). As managers of this servers we carry the responsibility of providing you with a healthy gameplay in a fairly managed context, but remember at the end we all here to play, have fun, and compete for the win. Hence, the first decision anyone could logically predict is that we will either rollback the game server to a previous date which had no issues, or we can simply ban the abusers and downgrade their levels.

Well, we are not doing this, we are thinking out of the box this time, you guys liked it that way, so let it be legit and for everyone. From today 20th of February the following changes will be applied on Hellsway:

  • Exp stages have been completely changed and increased (10 times more). Yes 10 times
  • .
  • Donate Boots regain has been increased to fit with the new players level, states,etc.
  • Finally, we are rolling out the newly implemented Skull System into Hellsway.
    • 300 Frags = Yellow Skull
    • 500 Frags = White Skull
    • 1000 Frags = Green Skull
    • 2000 Frags = Red Skull

Last but not least, we are finalizing this update by giving away 25 Free Premium Points to all players who are higher than level 300.

See you in the battle,
Hellsway Team.
Posted by Admin

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14.02.15 12:02:07 - Guild War Event Makeup (Today 20:00 CET) & Double Exp
Hey Everyone,

Please note that the Guild War Event will take place Today at 20:00 CET as makeup for yesterday's event. This change is only applied this week and the event will take place on its regular weekly time Friday 20:00 CET.

We have also updated the Guild War Event Winners page and added Zombie Event Winners page to show the winners of the daily Zombie Event.

PS: The bounce experience boost is now up and running and its possible to stack the current bonus exp with the GWE bonus exp (2x double!) make sure to have a chance winning today's GWE, happy hunting everyone and see you in field of battle tonight!

See you in game, Team.
Posted by Admin

Comments: 2

13.02.15 02:05:56 - Double Exp 14th - 17th Feburary

Posted by Admin

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